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Energize Your Partner Development Skills.

Develop a scalable, dynamic source of Business Development partnerships.

Business Development leadership,done right,transforms and energizes a product’s roadmap. Our Business Development Leader Program (BDLP) focuses on strategies and tactics to specifically meet your organizational goals…its what we love to do! We’ve spent over a decade combining the right mix of product management expertise and business development vision to produce an effective market penetration process. Let us help you START more partner deals and generate more PROFITABLE revenue.

Business Development Leader Program (BDLP)

More than just responsibility to source, negotiate and lead high-impact strategic partnerships, our BDLP generates partnerships with significant user growth opportunity channels. Working cross-functionally with your Product, Marketing, Sales and other organizational teams we’ll help expand product capabilities by developing and scaling partnerships beyond “Vanity Metrics”. As well seated business development leaders , we often leverage our existing relationships to combine strategy and product expertise producing an effective deal.

A new face and smile on your business development roadmap can create accountability, better decisions, and added leadership value. Our team is ready to be your added face and smile.

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