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Entrepreneur Magazine Asks Visionary View How To Rev up the Search Engines

Many thanks to for quoting us in their article, Rev up the Search Engines. It’s no surprise that search engines have emerged as the goto media point online. Search and find seems to be the major focal point on every business owners plate. So in a nutshell, why are search engines so popular and […]

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Visionary View Lends Advice in CNN Story: Web Hosting 201: Power Options

NEW YORK ( — The Web can be a great place to market and sell your goods to consumers all over the world. It can also help you communicate with customers and foster a community around your company. The only catch: Site visitors need to be able to easily access those features in order to […]

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CNN Money Features Visionary View CEO: Web Hosting 101:What to look for


NEW YORK ( — If your business has an online presence, picking a Web host is one of the most critical decisions you’ll make. The host manages the servers on which your site will run and literally has control of your company’s connection to its customers.  But picking the right one can be daunting: Because […]

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CNN Asks Visionary View How To Boost Search Engine Ranking


( — Question: I’ve been learning about SEO and trying to work it into my company Web site,, which can definitely use an SEO makeover. My company, Fretzels by Jill, makes really unique hand-dipped gourmet chocolate-covered pretzels like you’ve never seen or tasted before. I have Google Analytics set up and notice that most of the traffic comes […]

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