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People-A Project’s Best Friend!

Get more from your next app, platform or web project.

Our Interactive Project Managers (IPM) utilize the perfect combination of structured and agile methodologies resulting in a project team that’s fully engaged in the ultimate deliverable. Although digital products  move much faster in the development phase than traditional products do, they commonly share resource and planning phase similarities. This understanding and proper combination of tactics and management styles help ensure our Interactive Project Managers drive the most value and efficiency at every planning, task and milestone phase.

Interactive Project Manager (IPM)

More than timelines and task assignments, our IPM’s gather a full understanding of the digital product being developed and even more importantly the user experience it needs to achieve.  The term “Interactive” for us refers to two key elements in our IPM skill set: the product we’re delivering and the management style we utilize. Working cross-functionally with your Product, Marketing, Sales, Tech Dev and other organizational teams, our IPM’s will help drive pivot or persevere decision points at the most opportune times.

Adding the right mix of structure, agility and product leadership results in the successful delivery of the application you first imagined.
Our Interactive Project Managers are passionate about developing your next opportunity.

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