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We primarily provide product and project management services  to individuals and organizations looking to develop a new product or further extend their current product road-map. We focus on the digital space especially local search, app development, affiliate marketing, and SaaS platforms. As you review our service offerings, keep in mind our best deliverable is a true focus on a complete product experience from both the consumer and the partner perspectives.

We target mid to large enterprise organizations, but are always open to working with startups (both entrepreneur and intrapreneur) who are looking to bring a concept to life.

IconProduct Management
We put the Manage in Build-Measure-Learn.
From minimum viable products to overall product strategies we can help your team implement proven development tactics. We can operate as a per project consultant, embedded team member, or even in an interim product leadership role such as a VP Products, as we help search, screen and seat a full time employee with the right talent.

IconProduct Roadmap Optimization (PRO)
Is your product roadmap fully optimized? We can lend guidance and leadership to help ensure your product roadmap is infused with value-based product positioning for each new version & strategic partnership.

Icon Product Leadership
Can your team benefit from some sideline magic? As a progressive and supportive product coach we can build, develop or assist your team members ensuring product deliverables are targeted and meaningful to each buyer persona.

Icon Customer Development
Strengthen your product’s “core” using our customer and partner development strategies to showcase real product value.

Icon Project Management
More than just timelines and tasks, Digital Project Management involves deliverables that lead to smart decision making with the right amount of project ownership.

Icon Business Development

With every new partnership we build, the underlying question remains the same: Who’s this valuable to? The answer really drives the majority of our work. Starting new business channels are easy to do but hard to develop. Our business development approach is very straightforward: In full alignment with organizational goals, we seek partners and product components that provide the best options for sustainable growth…not just a “Vanity Metric” deliverable of a new announcement.

Icon Enterprise Training
Injecting training and education into a well established Enterprise is never an easy task. We can train your team to develop a product innovation center and jumpstart the learning process in a non-disruptive way.