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In this lean startup example, a leading national search network, Interchange Corp (NASDAQ: INCX), hypothesized about an opportunity in local search. Visionary View CEO & Founder Greg Bozigian was tasked with testing and measuring that vision and its various revenue models. Establishing an Enterprise innovation center, (NASDAQ: LOCM), Greg was able to launch the search engine successfully to include a robust product road-map and partner development strategy. has since processed millions of location based searches and boarded several top local publisher partners. This is just one of Visionary View’s lean startup examples, for more check out our lean startup example of Local Connect, Ringorang and Verizon’s VZ Navigator.


  • In this lean startup example, the primary decision point was to pivot away from the national search model and into the local search transactional model.
  • Surpassed 1M unique visitors and over 4M page views in 60 days.
  • Managed more than 16M enhanced business listings.
  • Recognized by ComScore as the fastest growing Internet website.