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Lean startup example

In this lean startup example, after a successful launch of (NASDAQ: LOCM) Visionary View’s CEO & Founder Greg Bozigian hypothesized about an opportunity to private label the same local search technology and drive new search traffic via branded destination directories. Starting with an experiment to generate a new instance of complete with customized branding elements (colors scheme, content, etc), Greg was able to help major newspaper publishers take advantage of generating new on-page revenues. Local Connect added new turnkey local business content and search based advertising directly onto publishers existing sites. The platform became very successfully ultimately generating more than 30 million page views throughout the network within a few months. At the time a lean startup example wasn’t the primary guiding factor, but in retrospect the execution and methodology was in complete alignment with a build-measure-learn pathway. This is just one of Visionary View’s lean startup examples, for more check out our lean startup example of, Ringorang and Verizon’s VZ Navigator


  • In this lean startup example, the primary decision points were to persevere and continue down the local search syndication publisher pathway.
  1. A improved user interface (UI) providing simple full HTML control over editable page elements.
  2. SERP results sorting.
  3. Custom built Internet Yellow Pages (IYP) search and advertising platform partnership.
  4. “Powered by” provider to eight newspapers owned by Morris Publishing Group and two newspapers owned by Freedom Orange County Information’s online properties including The Orange County Register.
  5. Partnership with a comprehensive network of over 2,000 city-based search and directory sites for online city guide provider, the ivantage including search giant shoptropolis.