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Lean Product Management

We put the Manage in Build-Measure-Learn.
From minimum viable products to overall roadmap strategies we can help your team implement proven customer development tactics.


Enterprise Innovation

Injecting product innovation into a well established Enterprise is never an easy task. We can help your team establish a product innovation center and jumpstart the learning process in a non-disruptive way.


Digital Project Management

Tap, Touch or Click…Get the most out of your
next digital project! More than timelines and tasks, managing interactive projects means building collaborative teams that share the same vision.

Our Highlights

Product highlights from nearly a decade of managing all things digital

Client Partners

About Visionary View

With very early roots in customer development and product management, Visionary View CEO & Founder Greg Bozigian has been passionate about managing products for more than a decade. Throughout Greg’s product leadership during the the initial development of, (NASDAQ: LOCM), he realized the opportunity to help other digital organizations craft, develop and manage their product roadmaps as well. This culminated in the official launch of Visionary View, a digital management firm, in 2006.

Today, Visionary View has helped develop and manage digital products across a wide variety of segments including: local search, mobile location based services (LBS), and social learning. Visionary View’s client partners benefit form a unique and progressive perspective adding the WHY into project/ product management. This WHY element helps better unite teams around the overall product vision. For the past several years, Visionary View has thoroughly embraced the Lean methodology and tactical process of validated learning. Adjusting product delivery and success metrics solely from “On Time On Budget” to “Build-Measure-Learn” is something Visionary View is very passionate about.

<!–Our mission is to advocate and enable digital ideation across the Web.–>

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How much is 2 + 2 =



"Go experiment and learn how to make this happen."

Eric Ries,

"In a startup, NO business plan survives first contact with customers."

Steve Blank,